Famous and historical company in the Paduan area, LOFRA was founded in 1956, from the passion and intuition of the Lovato brothers, who started to manufacture pots, a much needed item in the years of dreams and reconstruction. The venture had a big success, responding to the needs of a population in quest for new lifestyles, reorganization and new trends. This encouraged them, little by little, to expand the production; first the camping stoves up to the famous stainless steel cookers for domestic use. For over 30 years the company has been the pride of the northeast manufacturing industry, and has been the landmark for thousands of consumers, fond of the brand and its unmistakable design. Many users still keep at home old vintage models. When in the mid 80s both Lovato brothers passed away, the second generation took the wheel of the company; In that period Lofra considerably developed from an organizational and managerial point of view, becoming one of the most representative companies in the field of household appliances in Italy.
So the company grew further, aiming even more on quality, striving to interpret market demands through surveys and sector analysis. Thanks to its efforts, Lofra consolidated its leadership in the production of high range gas cookers and built-in products, designed to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated customers. Currently Lofra cookers can be shared in three principal aesthetic lines: CURVA, DOLCEVITA and PROFESSIONAL.
Let’s discover them one by one.
With a patented innovative and energetic design, CURVA line represents the perfect union of tradition and modernity, thanks to its exquisitely soft form, to give a touch of movement and contemporaneity to the kitchen.
DOLCEVITA celebrates Lofra’s 60th anniversary with an elegant, vintage looking product, but with all the functionality of the most modern technologies. A real collector’s item, to chose between a wide range of colours and finish.
The desire to provide the consumer with a highly professional product, but at the same time elegant and versatile, has led to the creation of the PROFESSIONAL line. Despite its strong design, it is extremely adaptable to different styles of furnishing and characterized by the highest technical performances.
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